Professional Selling Skills Course

Teach professional selling skills

It introduces participants to tools and techniques for selling and negotiation, in a way that makes great deals.

Duration: Two days , 5 hour per day.
Delegate No: Min 3, Max 8.

You Will Learn

Learn professional selling skills, negotiation skills and more .

You Will Get

A printed workbook and CD with ‘how to sell’ tips, techniques.

Student Level

You have to know The basic about selling skills If you don't have basics you can enroll the previous course.

Professional Selling Skills

  1. Discuss the sales philosophy
    2. Produce value with a relationship strategy.
    3. Mange communication styles.
    4. Adapt product selling strategies that add value.
    5. Develop and qualify a prospect base.
    6. Create consultative sales demonstrations


Negotiation Skills

  1. Demonstrate the negotiation process
    2. Analyze the negotiation situation
    3. Plan for the upcoming negotiation
    4. Organize effective negotiations
    5. Evaluate efficiency of negotiation


Consumer Behavior

  1. Analyze consumers’ rules in the market place
    2. Direct motivation and values
    3. Analyze personality and lifestyle
    4. Evaluate organizational and household decision making
    5. Use cultural influences on consumer behavior

Key Account

  1. What is a Key Account?
    2. Assessing the Value of a Key Account
    3. Your Key Account Hit List
    4. Who Should We Spend Our Time With?