Payroll Workshop

Teach professional payroll skills

It introduces payroll participants and techniques .

You Will Learn

Learn professional selling skills, negotiation skills and more .

You Will Get

A printed workbook and CD with ‘how to sell’ tips, techniques.

Student Level

You have to know The basic about selling skills If you don't have basics you can enroll the previous course.

After completing this workshop you should be able to
• Practice all payroll cycle starting from scratch
• deliver all payroll reports
• know best practices in paying employees
• know Payment methods
• know payroll controls to avoid errors and mistakes and falsification
• Aware of social insurance details referring to preparing salaries
• How to calculate Tax Income manual-Formula

• Introduction to Compensation & linking to payroll.
• Payroll Overview elements (Type of Earnings (Fixed & variable – a type of Deductions) and general calculation.
• Profit share payout.
• Taxation & Social Insurance and way of calculation, How to calculate tax manual-Formula.
• Case study.
• Calculate salary starting from scratch.
• Payments types (Cash, Bank transfer).
• Cast Study / Calculate salary.
• Handling payroll errors.
• Payslip preparations.
• Payroll reports.
• Inputs (Salary variable reports ex: attendance variables, bonus payout Calculation %, etc…).
• Outputs (Basic Comparison, Headcount difference, OT comparison, etc…).
• payroll analysis.
– Payroll reports
– Payroll control
– Costing process overview